Meet Your Instructors

Tom Tussey

Whether in a studio/classroom or on photographic excursions locally, nationally and abroad, I love sharing my professional and personal photography experiences and imaging techniques with novice and advanced photographers in the community. I thrive on the interactions I have with those who love photography as much as I do. As a full time professional photographer FOR OVER 45 YEARS, I have captured a wide range of subjects and those experiences have given me a unique advantage in teaching photography to both novice and seasoned photographers.

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Scott Rovak

I have been shooting professionally for over 36 years. I specialize in sports, but shoot commercial work as well. I am the St. Louis Blues and St. Louis Cardinals Team Photographer. I am also a contract photographer for USAToday Sports Images. I have worked for Getty Images, European Pressphoto Agency, Sports Illustrated, ESPN the Magazine and other editorial clients. I enjoy teaching photography to any size group and helping them with their personal journey with photography.

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Bill Comfort -"It would be hard to find a more accomplished team of instructors like Tom and Scott. As working pros for more than 35 years, they have a depth of photographic knowledge that they are excited to share with their students. Nowhere else in the Greater St. Louis area is this available and at an affordable cost."

Jim Welby- “I've been an amateur photographer for about 55 years. I consider myself proficient and have a good understanding of photography basics. I have taken many workshops with Tom Tussey and Scott Rovak which have really elevated my skills, especially with digital cameras. The classes have included portraits, lighting, sports photography, night imagery and camera specific proficiency. I've also taken classes in Lightroom and PhotoShop that have also enhanced my understanding of post-production. No matter your skill level, you will benefit from their vast experience and technical knowledge.”

Gerry Mandel- “This is exciting stuff! I love taking photographs - not the iPhone kind but real photos using a real camera. When the opportunity came up last month to learn from Tom and Scott, I went for it. Learning from two pro's was not only enlightening, but fun. No pressure. Just the chance for me to learn how to improve my shots - framing, exposure, lighting (especially lighting), etc. If you have the chance to take a class with these guys, grab it. Guaranteed you'll be taking better photos.”

Mark Kuznitz-"I’ve enjoyed instruction from Tom and Scott for the past three years. They are very willing to impart their vast knowledge of photography. They have always very patiently answered any question I may have regardless of whether it applies to the subject they are currently teaching. They promote and encourage a very relaxed and fun time at their sessions. The most impressive thing they do is physically scout their locations, organize and come prepared to maximize the teaching time allocated."

Leon Miller- "It is a rarity to find a person like you who has more than 40 years of experience and also has communication skills to explain the simplest camera issues.  Whether it is a new newbie who needs help in turning on the camera or the experienced, who wants to improve their abilities, you show the same skill and patience. I have gained more from the workshops than I paid.  And, I am 78 years old, which proves that Tom can teach an old dog new tricks!I am looking forward to future workshops.  Keep up the good work."