About Tom Tussey

    Throughout my professional career, I have shot countless photographic subjects including portraiture, weddings, studio product, industrial, commercial, architectural and event photography for a diverse client base.

    I opened my first commercial and portrait studio in West Port
Plaza in St. Louis in 1978 and as my portrait and product photography business flourished over the next 45+ years, I have never stopped learning new ways to see and control the light as I captured creative images in many challenging location situations for thousands of clients. I still strive to explore new techniques in my commercial, portrait and landscape work and learn from other professionals in the industry.

    Whether in a studio/classroom or on photographic excursions locally, nationally and abroad, I love sharing my professional and personal photography experiences and imaging techniques with novice and advanced photographers in the community. I have taught photography techniques to countless assistants and clients and have discovered that there is always more to learn with photography. I truly thrive on the interactions I have with those who love photography as much as I do.

My friend and fellow professional photographer Scott Rovak and I look forward to sharing our photography knowledge and experiences with you in our photo workshops and classes. Why not join us and become the photographer you always wanted to be?

If your photography is currently more "frustrating" than "fun", or you would like to learn how to jump start your inner creativity, why don't you join us in a class or a personal training session and let our professional photographers guide you? As you practice and apply your photographic skills of composition, exposure, timing, portrait posing and much more, you can become the creative photographer that you have always wanted to be.