About the Photographer/Educator

    Starting in my teen years, I developed an intense interest and passion for photography. I built a darkroom so I could quickly see how I was progressing as I learned various photography disciplines. After college, where I took art and photography courses, I was offered a job as an assistant to a working professional. Shortly thereafter, I decided to start my own photography business and make a living doing what I love. To achieve that goal, I opened my first commercial and portrait studio in West Port Plaza in St. Louis in 1978.

    As my portrait and product photography business flourished over the next 40+ years, I never stopped learning how to see and control light as I captured creative images in many challenging location situations for thousands of clients and taught photography techniques to many of my assistants and clients. As I realize that there is always more to learn, I still love exploring new techniques shared by other photographers in the photography community.

    Throughout my professional career, I have shot many photographic subjects including portraiture, weddings, studio product, industrial, commercial, architectural and event photography for a diverse client base.       Thank you, Tom Tussey                                         

    Whether in a studio/classroom or on photographic excursions locally, nationally and abroad, I love sharing my professional and personal photography experiences and imaging techniques with novice and advanced photographers in the community and thrive on the interactions I have with those who love photography as I do.

Photography Instruction and Excursions Coming in May 2020

If your photography is currently more "frustrating" than "fun", I can show you how to jump start your inner creativity!